• This annual report template was borne out of the need to show something I truly want to create if there was no brief to follow and no privacy considerations. Approach included careful selection of appropriate images, clean and creative lay-out, consistent use of elements and data visualisation

    Annual Report Template (Passion Project)

    Annual Report Design / Layout & Typography / Infographics /Multi-page Design

  • This hypothetical rebranding project was a complex multimedia production. Competitor, client and customer research informed the campaign. The primary masterbrand seeks to evoke notions of contemporary with just a hint of the old. It is based on mountain pepper shrub native to woodlands and the cool temperate rainforest of south-eastern Australia.

The geometric shapes, specifically the two triangles embedded in the typography, reference a sense of contemporary stylistics. The triangle is an important shape in the culinary world as an efficient kitchen is often designed in this way positioning the three main work areas at its intersections. These are the sink, the stove and the refrigerator. The number of leaves is 7 and the berries, 8 representing the year 1978 when the Davidson Restaurant was established.

    Davidson Restaurant

    Branding & Multimedia Production Concept

  • In this TAFE exercise, in order to create a cohesive looking design, I looked at potential typographic treatments for headings and body text, pull quotes or break out boxes, colour palettes, graphic elements, illustration styles.

    Encompass Annual Report Design

    Annual Report Design Pitch

  • With GNH from 2018-2019 , I was solely responsible for the creative direction and design of all print and digital communications collateral and elements. I designed marketing collateral including community newsletters, posters, surveys, plans, kits, reports, etc and spearheaded website and social media updates. In 2021, I am still actively designing their quarterly newsletter (The Grovedale Grapevine) and updating their website when necessary.

    Grovedale Neighbourhood House

    Newsletter/Magazine Layout & Design / Brochure Design / Marketing Plan / Web Design

  • I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Terori Hareko-Avaivilla of Salt Studio on the branding of this project. Terori is a First Nation artist and knowledge keeper and is the one and true holder of this artwork. I simply digitised her work and facilitated the web design for KWT.

    Koondee Woonga-gat Toor-rong

    Branding / Web Design

  • I've had the opportunity once again to provide design and layout of Neighbourhood Houses Barwon's Annual Report for 2020, keeping in mind the organisation's branding colours. I updated the map of Neighbourhoood Houses in the Barwon region and created custom infographics to enable data to be visualised easily and edited photos to ensure overall quality. I liaised with the a local printer as well ensuring a smooth and streamlined workflow. 

The complete annual report is found on the Neighbourhood Houses Barwon's website. You can view it here

    Neighbourhood House Barwon

    2020 Annual Report Layout and Design

  • The Paper Mill Collective is a group of artists and craft makers located within the old paper mill complex at Fyansford, Geelong. Current audience include fellow artist members and their network. As identified in brand discovery, the two persona profiles include Helen, a self-funded retiree and Samuel, a teacher family man. Helen’s path to purchase is a visit to the nearby Provenance Wine. While Samuel who is pretty tech savvy found the Paper Mill Collective via Facebook. New potential audience can include a wider reach of like-minded people. Buyers of quality craft via social media might be a good consideration. Client wants a natural look and the ability to create some collateral with his own hands. Mandatories include logo redesign, signage design and flyer designs.

    Papermill Artisans

    Branding / Wayfinder & Signage Design / Web Design

  • Retire and Relocate is a small niche business that has developed a process for a stress-free downsizing experience. The owner, Christine Amey,  came to me with a desire to rebrand and tweak the website she started designing on Wix. I provided her a clean and stylish logo that speaks to her target audience of retirees. We used blues to communicate trust and a user-friendly website interface. In 2021, she is relaunching her business after a slight delay due to Covid-19 the year before and is poised to take on new clients from the Geelong and Bellarine peninsula. All the best Christine!

    Retire and Relocate

    Branding / Brochure / Web Design / SEO

  • Salt Studio Consultancy is a First Nation business established originally as a platform for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander female artists to grow their brand within the First Nation visual art space. The consultancy half of the business was added later to combine Terori’s love of sharing her creative culture and education, providing traditional and cultural education through creative means to offer a deeper learning for the participants.

My website redesign  aimed to better target the site’s demographic audience through a cohesive brand and the use of graphic elements that the business and I developed together. I created a more professional feel to the website through the use consistent use of the new brand colours and graphics.

The target audience consists of corporate community, local governments, City West Water – 5 creative pieces, Brimbrank City Council, Leadership Training and Water Ceremony. 

The new business brand’s colours dictated the use of a colour palette limited to blues and blacks. The same is true of the use of the Futura font family. Streamlining the pages provided a clear path to information. SALT wanted to be able to showcase her artwork and her culture in her new website. They felt that the old website was not reflective of this.

    Salt Studio Consultancy

    Branding & Identity / Web Design

  • “Belladonna” Geelong Design Week 2020

My concept for this photoshoot was an avante garde inspired look. “This woman arrives at the Melbourne Expo, walking at her own speed, wearing sugar spheres for earrings and just like Christmas memories of reindeers, twigs on her hair. Fresh red peonies adorn her neck matching her sophisticated makeup. She is a star.” This was created in collaboration with the make-up students, other Gordon teachers and graphic design students.

Model: Emma Longaretti 
MUA: Students of Susan Brooks, The Gordon

    Superimpose - Geelong Design Week 2020

    “Belladonna” | Geelong Design Week 2020

  • The branding is for a line of bbq sauces, hot sauces and spice rub products. 

It's created by Yves Ducharme, former mayor of Gatineau, Canada. A former highschool dropout and a class clown, the former mayor decided to create his own sauces inspired by his travels. 

What makes it different from the millionth other sauces on the market is that it incorporates flavours from his travels around the globe. As a politician, Ducharme was often away in Africa, in China, in Mexico, in Europe. He discovered funky flavours and ingredients that he now incorporate in his sauces, and that's what makes it different. It's not South Carolina, it's not Texas, it's the mayor's sauce!

The client wanted to have a design that respects the tradition but hold its own, travelling and discovery being a major part of their family.The original sauce is a blend of secret spices with a nice apple finish. Other sauces will complement the product line in the future. The branding needed to showcase both the legacy of the political man and his playful side people might discover. The client is looking to have an illustration of Yves on the label but are also curious about other ideas. No tagline is required.

The targeted audience: People who want to enjoy a Barbecue with a Twist. Might it be a little szechuan flavour or even some African spices no one has heard of.

    The Smoking Mayor

    Branding / Packaging Design

  • Track C Consulting is a consultancy firm supporting organisations to embed cultural diversity in everyday practice. They came with a task to us in 2019 of identifying their business name, sketching out their vision for both their logo and designing their website on WordPress.

    Track C Consulting

    Branding, Identity/Logo Design, Stationery & Web Design

We acknowledge the First Nations People of this land, the Wadawurrung People as the true custodians of the country we walk on. We pay our deepest respects to their elders, past, present and emerging. 

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