Salt Studio Consultancy

Branding & Identity / Web Design

Co-created with Terori Hareko-Avaivilla

Salt Studio Consultancy is a First Nation business established originally as a platform for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander female artists to grow their brand within the First Nation visual art space. The consultancy half of the business was added later to combine Terori’s love of sharing her creative culture and education, providing traditional and cultural education through creative means to offer a deeper learning for the participants.

My website redesign aimed to better target the site’s demographic audience through a cohesive brand and the use of graphic elements that the business and I developed together. I created a more professional feel to the website through the use consistent use of the new brand colours and graphics.

The target audience consists of corporate community, local governments, City West Water – 5 creative pieces, Brimbrank City Council, Leadership Training and Water Ceremony.

The new business brand’s colours dictated the use of a colour palette limited to blues and blacks. The same is true of the use of the Futura font family. Streamlining the pages provided a clear path to information. SALT wanted to be able to showcase her artwork and her culture in her new website. They felt that the old website was not reflective of this.