At Kubo Kreative, we believe in striking a balance between creativity and technique, giving our clients the best design solution possible. We are focused on accuracy, attention to detail and great communication. We appreciate the importance of good research to back our work. 

about Tet

Maria “Tet” Kelly is a Geelong-based multi-disciplinary creative in areas of graphic design, web design, visual arts and communication arts. Prior to migrating to Australia in 2012, Tet was an academic professional teaching in a Philippine university. In 2020, after being a part-time freelancer for years whilst looking after her family of four, she returned to training at The Gordon TAFE and completed an Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design. Tet’s lived experience of being of Filipino heritage, a female and caring for people with a disability has enriched her creative skills. After volunteering and working for her local neighbourhood house in Grovedale, she has a deep appreciation of grassroots community development, local connections and everyday artists. In 2021, the Gordon awarded her the Student of the Year for 2020. She then made it as a finalist to the Victorian Training Awards (Vocational Student of the Year Category).



We are fortunate to be in good company of a diverse group of creatives in Geelong and other parts of the globe. They have individual ninja skills and we love working with them on projects that require team effort. 



Coming from a traditional art background, Riane is a multimedia unicorn. Her designs can be described as minimal yet colourful, with an emphasis on composition and detail.



Designer by day and witch by night, Seatiel brews your design concoction with magical delight. Not only does Seatiel have a mass communication degree and years of experience in print and digital design, he is also a watercolour expert and dabbles in digital illustrations.



Talented, funny and smart, Hassan is a software developer and an art designer. He has experience in web development and UX/UI design and is a promising designer in advertising, packaging and photography.

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our name

 The word "Kubo" comes from the name "bahay kubo" or a nipa hut found in the Philippines. It is a nod to our roots and culture.